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Driving Success in Automotive Retail

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web and considering our services. My name is Richard Eldridge, the principal and owner here at R7. I'm passionate about helping retail businesses increase sales, improve PPU, employee engagement, and the customer experience. With 30 years of experience in the industry, I have a proven track record of delivering results. 

Richard Eldridge R7 owner

Used to operating within fast moving and constantly changing environments, where varying margins, significant capital outlay, multiple cost centres and respecting diverse stakeholders are the norm. Environments where, to be successful, retailers must maintain a razor-sharp focus on doing the right things all of the time - however many plates there are to spin.


Now working for clients on a sub contract basis, where a full time, permanent resource is neither necessary or commercially viable, R7 can help you solve those pressing problems,and accelerate business success. In our experience there are very few silver bullets to achieve sustainable success but by revisiting and fine-tuning the every day activities, business performance can be substantially improved.

Often referred to as the detail person Richard  is used to being both strategic and executing projects successfully. The experience and skills attained over the years are equally applicable outside of automotive retail and will help any company operating in a B2C environment gain a competitive advantage. Take a look here for more information on specific areas where R7 can assist.

Quite simply though R7 can provide operational support and help expedite achievement of YOUR goals - providing practical and grounded advice, based on real world retail experience that will deliver a significant & measurable return on investment.

Most importantly we take time to understand your business, and where specifically you would like assistance. We also understand the potential challenges that necessary changes can present and will work with you to ensure the best outcomes for your business. 

At R7 we are equally passionate in our belief that by having engaged, motivated and empowered staff who provide great, authentic customer experiences, an organisation will ensure its long-term success. It's a much more pleasant way to do business and makes sense on every level. We can assist you with coaching & empowering your team so you can lead them to further success.​

We set our standards by the 5Ps, as we refer to them  - striving to be the most Professional, Proactive, Passionate, Proud and Pleasant we can be at all times.​

Don't hesitate to get in touch if the above strikes a chord and you would like an informal discussion around how and where we may be able to assist your business.​

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