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some feedback....

Whilst helping manage the marketing operations of a large independent car dealership, I had the pleasure of working with Richard on many marketing campaigns and events.  His innovative marketing strategies, attention to detail and dedication to the customer are exceptional.  He has an innate understanding of the importance of the client experience and masterfully cultivates an environment where customers feel welcomed, valued, and cared for. Plus he has the ability to foster great relationships with hard working teams, which generates great success and leads to exceeding customer expectations.

Richard's unwavering commitment to the client experience is totally what is needed by companies in these competitive times.  He brings exceptional skills and a vision that can elevate any business.  From sales events that excite both staff and customers, processes that demand 100% customer satisfaction and identifying initiatives that add value to the sales process at a fantastic ROI.  

An example of the latter is highlighted in a project that I worked closely with Richard on.  He has the ability to generate great relationships with individuals and companies to mutually work together to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.  This worked exceptionally well with a portrait photography company who provided high-end gifts for car handovers.  These not only exceeded customer expectations but, due to the particular business Richard chose to work with, also generated after-sales feedback and created a project where the only investment required was the motivation and pride of sales staff.

SLR Marketing

Richard joined us on a 6 month consultancy basis..... The main aim of of this was to establish any synergies from the industry background Richard had worked in and to introduce any relevant good practises, processes, and people management skills into our business.....

I have found Richard to be most conscientious during his time with us. he has been eager to learn new skills himself whilst promoting our business and has helped current staff recognise and adapt for future challenges.... in summary Richard brings a wealth of experience in fast paced environments that require someone methodical and diplomatic in their approach  to staff and work processes

Client Managing Director

For ten and a half years I had the pleasure of working alongside Richard at Mercedes-Benz. We saw and helped grow the business. Richard's main focus has always been customers, staff and growing the business. Since both of us going self employed as consultants our paths have crossed many times and we continue to collaborate on joint projects. If you are looking to take your business to the next level but are not sure how to get there, Richard can bring his many years of retail expertise to your company. It can feel quite overwhelming trying to find the right resources and support and where to invest your precious funds in order to grow your business.Richard will take the time to understand you and your business and help you focus on your long term business growth.

TN Marketing Consultant

Richard is highly professional, with a strong work ethic, a wealth of management experience and an undoubted drive to succeed and achieve objectives, both the manufacturer's also, importantly, the businesses objectives. Richard's people management skills are excellent, as a coach and motivator of a team ,and he is highly customer focussed. Richard has always  had a positive outlook and welcomed new ideas and approaches.

Automotive Manufacturer Regional Manager

Just a short note to thank you for what you have achieved while working for ....... and to reiterate how sorry I am that you've left

Group Chief Exec

Richard is a genuine and honest person who wants his team to shine. Richard has a way of giving you stronger believe in yourself to achieve great things. Richard understands individuals and gives guidance on how to deal with different personalities in the team bringing out the best in them. I am a much stronger leader from having the benefit of Richard’s guidance. I have strong processes in place which means I can multitask much easier and much more calmly. 

Department Manager

Hi Rich, just wanted  to say a massive thank you for everything. You completely transformed the place from how I remember it back in.... Best of luck with the new role - it's been a pleasure working with you and I've learnt a lot

Sales Colleague

Thank you for making  the.... VIP event the most successful event in the Company's history!!!

I'm sure it has been quite stressful , but from a Group perspective you have been real pioneers of what I'm sure will become an annual event for every ....dealership

Your overall result is spectacular.

Joint Group Managing Director

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