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Should I consider using outside assistance for my business.......

You have identified an area of your business where you would benefit from some external, specialist support. However, the idea of hiring outside help such as a consultant can understandably be met with hesitation. Concerns often revolve around cost, the fear of change and whether an ‘outsider’ will really understand your business. In this blog post we discuss these and other potential concerns…..

Cost Concerns

You might worry about the cost of hiring outside help, fearing that it will strain an already limited budget.

Consultants are usually more cost-effective in the long run. They bring an alternate view to the table, helping you make informed decisions that can increase revenue and cut unnecessary expenses. The investment often pays off in improved profitability. Importantly there is usually no long-term commitment, unlike hiring an additional member of staff, and don’t forget a consultant pretty much needs to demonstrate their worth to you from the outset!

Fear of Losing Control

Does bringing in outside help mean relinquishing control over business decisions.

This shouldn’t be the case at all - the right person will work collaboratively with you, acting as a guide and never forgetting it is your business. They will respect your vision and goals, offering insights and recommendations to help you achieve them. The final decisions always rest with the you, ensuring that you retain control over your business.

Potential effect of change

It’s only natural at times to resist change and worry that external help could disrupt established routines.

Experienced consultants understand that change can be intimidating. They work at a pace that suits your comfort level, gradually introducing improvements and adjustments and only with your agreement. This ensures a smooth transition and minimises any disruption to your business operations.

Perceived Lack of Understanding

You may think that a consultant, no matter how experienced, cannot truly understand the unique challenges you face.

It’s true that every business is unique, and the right consultant will understand that and adapt their expertise and approach to fit your situation. Importantly, they will take time at the outset to understand your business intimately, tailoring recommendations to fit your specific needs.

Short-Term Focus

You may believe that consultants are primarily focused on short-term gains and not interested in the long-term success of the business.

Whilst outside assistance may have been sought to deal with a particular issue, the right consultant should also be concerned with long-term sustainability. They work to create strategies that not only address the immediate issues but deal with ‘root cause’ and help position your business for continued growth and success. A consultant’s continuing success is of course reflected in the success they help you achieve!

Fear of Dependency

You may worry that once you’ve brought in outside assistance, you won't be able to function effectively without them moving forwards.

The right consultants aim to empower clients with additional knowledge and skills to help make the business self-sufficient. They should also offer training and mentorship, ensuring that your team can carry on with the strategies and processes developed during the engagement.

Consultants can be invaluable partners in business, helping you overcome specific challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve sustainable growth. Specialist, outside assistance can help you thrive in today's competitive business landscape and focus on what’s important. Crucial in the process is making sure that you and the consultant are a good ‘fit’ for each other at the outset!

Engaging outside support should not be seen as a weakness but quite the opposite and is indicative of a forward thinking, proactive business looking to reach new heights of success.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think R7 can assist your business in any way.


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